And then there was Jellybean


Love comes in many forms.  It most recently came to me via a wet nose and sloppy puppy kisses.  The first time I held this fuzzy little puppy she was so tiny and sweet, like a little nugget of sugar, and so the name Jellybean came to be.  She nuzzled her tiny little head under my chin as if to say “I love you!  Please take me home with you!”   I held her on my lap for the ride home. She snuggled into the soft pink blanket, so trusting and loving.  She napped for a while, but every so often looked up and peered into my eyes. It was if she could see right through to my heart.  With big, dark, soulful eyes and a heart so full of love, it was a match made in Heaven.  But don’t let that cute face fool  you, as she is the inspiration for my new picture book Naughty Little Puppy.