My April Fool

Jellybean - my april foolJellybean – my little nugget of sweetness – came to her forever home on a Saturday morning in July.  Throughout the process of filling out paperwork, completing the sale, and preparing for my puppy’s homecoming I had never asked about her actual birth date.  When I brought her home, I only knew she was fourteen weeks old, as I had yet to do the math to determine her birthday.  Sorting through her paperwork and preparing for her first vet visit later that day, I discovered her birthdate was April 1st.  To most this date is only significant because it is April Fool’s Day.  This day is significant to me, however, because it is also the date of my husband’s passing in 2003.  Dan was such a funny, spirited guy.  I had hoped to one day find the humor in his passing on this date.  Can you imagine the emotions coursing through me at that moment?  My first thought was Jellybean must be a gift from my beloved husband to fill the void of his passing.  The picture that I have included with this post shows her first birthday picture.  I take pictures of her sitting in her favorite window spot all the time, but on her first birthday, she appears to be surrounded by a circle of light.  This is my husband, no doubt, assuring me that he is still with me and that he did indeed send this precious little puppy to once again fill my life with joy.  Now, three years later, she continues to be the most wonderful gift.  Her precocious and spirited personality, those mischievous, yet soulful eyes, and diva-like behaviors brighten my world in every way imaginable.

The Search

Jellybean - the search

I’m not exactly sure when I decided I was lonely, but all of a sudden it was all I thought about.  Although I have wonderful family and friends with whom I share my life, after 11 years of widow-hood, there was a glaring emptiness when I came home at the end of the day.  And so the search began.  My evenings were spent on the laptop, searching for puppies.  Not any puppy, however, it had to be hypoallergenic and non-shedding because of my allergies.  I also knew I wanted a small dog, because I wanted to snuggle and I wanted my dog to be the best dressed in the neighborhood.  Small dogs look so darn cute wearing sweaters, hoodies, and puppy pj’s.  As I googled hypoallergenic, non-shedding puppies, I was amazed at the variety of breeds available and waiting to find their forever homes.  And then, one Friday night in early July, I found her; a little Shichon puppy.  Her picture showed a chubby little puppy with fluffy black and white fur.  With black patches around her eyes, she looked like a little panda bear.  I fell in love with her right there.  I made the phone call and two weeks later I brought my little Jellybean to her forever home and life has never been the same.