The Carrying Dog

One of the first character traits I noticed about Jellybean is that she loves to carry things, especially when we are out walking.  She proudly prances around the neighborhood, tail held high, with her latest treasure clenched tightly between her teeth.  There is not a stick, pinecone, golf ball or water bottle that goes unnoticed.  Upon spying the treasure of the moment, Jellybean stops in mid-step, her tail goes up and her head tilts side to side as she determines whether the object is worthy of her time.  She then cautiously approaches, sniffing and nudging.  If the object does meet the standards set by many puppies before her, there is an immediate frenzy as she pounces and lays claim to her bounty.  After spending a few minutes playing and rolling in the grass with her latest conquest, she is ready to carry it home and add it to her collection.  How many puppies do you know that have collected so many sticks that the pet parent has dedicated a crock to hold the ever growing collection that is proudly brought into the house.  And wait for it…it then becomes her personal Christmas tree, decorated with colorful beads, doggie bones, and the menagerie of objects gathered from neighborhood walks.  If no objects can be found on the walk, Jellybean then turns to me to see what is available.  The umbrella tucked under my arm, just in case of rain…it’s been done.  My mitten…grabbed right off my hand.  Her bag-o-poop…you guessed it.  She simply loves to carry things.  Treasure clenched tightly between her teeth, she prances proudly, eyes forward and tail up as she heads home to add the latest and greatest to her ever growing collection.  Have I mentioned how much I love my little carrying dog?


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