The Talk of the Town

Jellybean rocking the selfies. 

It didn’t take long for Jellybean to be the talk of the neighborhood.  “What a cute puppy!”  “Look at those eyes!”  “She’s so friendly!”  “Is she always so rambunctious?”  “Doesn’t she live in the corner townhouse?”  It seems that everyone knows of her.  When out walking, she races up and down the street, pulling as hard as she can on one of her colorful leashes.  Even though she has mastered the basics of sit, stay and down, walking gently on a leash is not her forte.  She tenses those short legs of hers, leans forward and off she goes.  I, on the other hand, can be seen holding on for dear life as she darts in and out of grassy yards.  Not one to go unnoticed, Jellybean, is determined to greet everyone in her path.  Children riding on bikes and scooters stop and play with her.  The maintenance men at our complex were trained to stop, get out of the golf cart and give her a pat and belly rub.  Upon sighting puppy friends, she lies in wait, tail wagging, so they approach and greet HER.  Cars driving down the street slow down so she can acknowledge them with a frenzied pawing motion, and in return they give us a smile and a wave.  If we are inside, she suns herself in the kitchen window, not unlike a cat.  The neighbors know to look over to see if she is there, stretched out on her blanket or watching in wonder as birds and squirrels frolic in the front yard.  Our recent move did not cramp her style at all.  She simply took up where she left off.  The new neighbors just love her.  She has personality plus and is not afraid to show it!