Let It Snow!


Watching Jellybean play in the snow is like watching a three-year old experiencing snow for the very first time.  She tentatively steps into it, jumping back as the cold snowflakes pack against her sensitive paw pads.  Curiosity gets the best of her, however, and she takes another step.  Soon she is leaning down, sniffing and tasting the snow.  The exuberant wagging of her tail tells me she likes what she sees and feels.  Naturally, this well-dressed dog is prepared for her outdoor snow adventure.  Bundled up in a winter jacket that zips on the top and has sleeves to keep her warm and dry, Jellybean is ready to take the plunge.  Into the snow she goes head first, not unlike a bulldozer, moving the snow out of her way.  She looks up, face covered in cold, wet, snow, gives a shake, and in she goes again.  Soon she is rolling across the yard creating her version of snow angels.  Next she chases snowballs that I throw to her.  Ahhhh…to be so free and full of joy!  Such is the life of this precious little puppy.

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