Halloween Quandary

Jellybean - Halloween quandary 5

Another Halloween is upon us, which means another quandary for me.  What costume will Jellybean wear this year?  In previous years she has been dressed as Minnie Mouse as well as a cute little lady bug.  Both costumes were darn cute if I must say so myself.  And only as Jellybean can, she sashays and struts around showing off her tutu, wings, or whatever the current ensemble might be.  She is quite incredibly the most accommodating dog ever.  I say accommodating because the costumes are really all about me.  It’s not like she marks her calendar each year and starts shopping for outfits.  I get the biggest kick out of seeing people smile when they see her all decked out.   So…back to my quandary for this year.  We will be participating in two Trunk or Treat events, a costume contest at doggie daycare, as well as Trick or Treat night in our neighborhood.  Obviously, she needs a costume that makes her look super cute.  It is well-known that I tend to overthink things that pertain to my precious little pup.  Reading over my notes for this particular blog, even I have to admit that the time and effort I put into the hunt for her annual Halloween costume is a bit over the top.  It goes something like this:

  1. Spend hours on Pinterest looking for ideas to spark your creative side.
  2. Narrow the search to three or four possibilities that stand out.
  3. Bingo! This year Jellybean will be a clown!
  4. Head back to Pinterest and peruse a few more clown costumes.
  5. Next, go to Amazon and begin a search for a toddler-sized tutu.
  6. Once the tutu has been chosen, begin a search for toddler-sized suspenders.
  7. Submit the order.
  8. Once the items have arrived, place them in Jellybean’s closet until needed.
  9. Now head to the local craft store and search for a brightly colored toddler-sized Tee shirt, 3T to be exact.
  • Purchase the Tee and place it in Jellybean’s closet until needed.
  1. Take advantage of someone who is an expert on the sewing machine. In this case it would be my mother.
  2. Discuss the possibility of making a clown collar out of colorful fabric.
  3. Take a trip together to the local fabric store to find just the right fabric that will coordinate with the tutu.
  4. Purchase the fabric.
  5. Send it home with your favorite seamstress, who by the way would do anything for her grand dog.
  6. While waiting for the clown collar to be sewn, go back to Pinterest and start looking for ideas to decorate the car for Trunk or Treat with a circus/clown theme.
  7. After making some notes as to the items needed, head to your local party store and purchase said items. Once again, place the items in Jellybean’s closet until needed.
  8. Don’t forget to purchase the candy and treats needed to hand out at the various events.
  9. At this point, Jellybean’s closet is a bit too full, so store the candy and treats in a large bin in the garage.

20.Pick up the collar when finished.

  1. Go home, retrieve all items from Jellybean’s closet and have a dress rehearsal.
  2. Looking at this adorable get-up, you realize the next decision is to decide what to do with her hair.
  3. Knowing that this particular puppy will not wear a hat, unless she is riding in the car, determine that a mix of colorful curly ribbon barrettes will be a good option for clown hair. At least these will stay in place for the duration of the event.
  4. One last dress rehearsal is in order before the events, this one with the car fully decorated.
  5. Be sure to take several pictures. These are needed of course for bragging opportunities.
  6. Place all items back in Jellybean’s closet until needed.
  7. You are now ready for Halloween 2018!

Whew!  That was a lot of work.  But you’ve got to admit that Jellybean has got to be the cutest Halloween clown ever!  Well….at least this over the top pet parent thinks so!

Beverly Stiffler Smith

Children’s Author

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