One Lucky Lady


What an exciting time!  Back in July, I blogged about my latest children’s picture book endeavor as I prepared for the initial meeting with my illustrator in which we were to discuss my vision for the story.  A week ago I met again with the wonderfully talented Shana Morrow for a sneak peek at the sketches for the book, appropriately titled Jellybean’s Closet.  This simple little story finds Jellybean sitting by her closet every morning with a big decision to make.  “What to wear, what to wear!”  Being an avid weather watcher, Jellybean makes good use of the window in the front door to determine a suitable outfit for the day.  Days of the week, weather and appropriate clothing choices make this a great concept book for young children.  The repetitive pattern promotes immediate engagement in the story.  (Hmmm, perhaps I learned a little something along the way as a kindergarten teacher for twenty years!)  As Shana pulled sketch after sketch out of her folder and shared her thoughts on perspective and placement of items on the page, I could hardly contain myself.  Actually, if you know me, I do most of my dancing on the inside, and let me tell you there was some jitterbug, a little tap, and perhaps a tad of cha-cha going on! I am humbled by Shana’s talent and the way in which she is able to make my vision come to life.  Over the next two months Shana will work her magic with her watercolor pencils to make each illustration jump off the page.  Oh, what a lucky lady I am to have this opportunity to share my stories inspired by the little pup that I love so much.  I am looking forward to a late fall release of Jellybean’s Closet.  I can’t wait to share it with you!

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