Pillow Talk

IMG_5058 (1)

I regularly DVR a few of my favorite TV shows.  Jellybean and I had already settled in for a quiet Monday evening on the sofa.  I was perusing my options when I happened to glance over at her.  Just moments before, she had been seated on top of the pillows and was leisurely looking out the window.  Mind you, she has been watching for Mr. Groundhog to reappear ever since we saw him pop his furry little head out of his hole several Saturday’s ago.  Of course, she has also been intrigued by the deer that randomly show up in our back yard and in the farmer’s field on the other side of the fence.  To my surprise she was no longer seated on top of the pillows, but rather inside.  Somehow she had managed to perfectly sequester herself in the center of three sofa pillows.  It certainly made me chuckle, but it also made me think of everything I have been hearing on the news lately.  Here was Jellybean, my precocious furry friend, practicing her own special version of social-distancing.

Our world as we know it has certainly been turned upside down by this new fast-moving enemy, the Corona Virus.  Jellybean and I would like to wish everyone well.  Stay healthy and safe.  Above all, it is our hope that you take this gift of time while our world has slowed down a bit, to reconnect with those you love.  For good measure, we are sending some virtual sloppy kisses your way: “Slurp!  Lick!  Slurp!”

Jellybean’s Closet

Naughty Little Puppy

The Perfect Hiding Place

Sloppy Kisses

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