April Follies


April is a busy month for one little puppy.  Jellybean celebrates her fourth birthday on April 1st.  My how those years have flown by!  She has grown from an energetic “wild child”, the moniker my neighbor gave her at 14 weeks, into my rambunctious, lovable, “fur-ever” companion.  This year she helped to celebrate the upcoming April 1st Easter holiday by participating in an “Easter Trunk Parade.”  Always one to dress for the occasion, Jellybean donned her pink Easter shirt, complete with bunny tail and curly hair bows.  She interacted with the children, letting them pet her soft fur, as they skipped from car trunk to car trunk gathering Easter sweets.  Jellybean will always be the little nugget of sugar that gifted me a new meaning to April 1st.  No longer just the painful memory of the anniversary of my husband’s passing, April 1st is now more about celebrating Jellybean’s special brand of puppy love.  She is my little April’s Fool!