Jellybean’s Closet Is Live!


Attention all dog lovers!

Attention all dog lovers who dress their fur babies in the latest four-legged fashions.

Jellybean’s Closet, my fourth picture book about my precocious little pup is now live on Amazon!

Jellybean is a little dog…with a BIG closet.

She has outfits for all kinds of weather.

One snowy Friday morning, Jellybean looked in her closet.

“Hmm, what to wear, what to wear?”

“I see a snowsuit that’s perfect for me!”

And so it goes.  Jellybean romps through the days of the week and seasons of the year making sure to choose just the right outfit.  This was a story that just had to be written.  Those who have been following me for a while know that Jellybean…errr…her Mama, is obsessed with doggie apparel.  Our hall closet is a doggie’s fashion dream come true…errr…once again; it may be her Mama’s dream come true.  Fortunately Jellybean is very accommodating and proudly struts around the neighborhood wearing the latest sweater, hoodie, jacket, pajamas, t-shirt, snowsuit…well, I think you get the idea.

This is the perfect book for the young crowd, as it reinforces the days of the week, seasons of the year, and weather-related clothing choices.  My very talented illustrator, Shana Morrow, has outdone herself this time.  The detailed and brightly colored illustrations have brought my simple little story to life.  I can’t thank her enough! Demi Stevens, my publisher extraordinaire, oh how blessed I am to be able to work with you.  Can you believe it?  Book number four!!  It could never happened happened without your support and belief in me.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my book order from Amazon.  Jellybean will certainly have lots of pawtographing to do for friends and family who have already requested copies of the book.  Then of course there are the school visits. We promised our local elementary schools we would return to share Jellybean’s Closet, when it became available.  Oh dear, just what will Jellybean wear for all those school visits? I guess it’s time for me to go.  I’ve got shopping to do.  Spring is just around the corner!

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Beverly Stiffler Smith

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A Home Well-Loved

I recently hosted the Winterfest Potluck Dinner in my condo community.  Having just bought the home this past June, I was not only honored to host, but also thrilled to show off my farmhouse/country décor and have an opportunity to share fellowship and a plethora of tasty dishes with my new neighbors.  Jellybean was in heaven!  She received so much attention throughout the evening.  By the time the festivities wound down and the house was still and quiet, Jellybean was ready to snuggle and catch up on her missed naps.

The next day I sent a text to a very dear friend, noting that the Winterfest gathering was a huge success.  Just so you know, her mother is the former owner of the condo and also served as host for this particular celebration many times throughout her twenty some years in this condo.  My friend was amazed at the timing of my message.  She had just returned her mother to her new home, a local assisted living residence.  It seems that on the ride home, her mother asked, “Does Bev still like living in my house?  Does her little puppy like it too?”  My friend was amazed at the clarity at which her mother spoke of both Jellybean and me, especially with the severity of her memory loss.  She assured her mother that indeed we do love it here.

I was really touched by this.  I have known Del and her family for years.  When I was a classroom teacher, I babysat her grandchildren every summer and also many a Saturday night.  Now that I am retired I babysit her great-grandson three days a week.  Del’s daughter was also my hair stylist for over thirty years.  Fast forward to this summer and I became the owner of the home that Del lived in and loved for over twenty years.  As you can see, the connections to this family run very deep.

As the week went by, I kept thinking that I should do something for Del so that she can see how much Jellybean and I enjoy living in her home.  I decided to create a photo book for her.  I spent an afternoon looking through pictures on my laptop and gathered the ones I thought represented how comfortable we are here.  I began with how infatuated Jellybean is with the cows that appear at the fence outside our sunroom window.  Jellybean spends hours on the sofa looking out the window.  It is one of her favorite spots.  I am so lucky to have a sunroom that is a total wall of windows.  It faces the field on a neighboring farm.  The cows come down and hang out by the fence.  Several ground hogs play in the brush.  Birds in a variety of colors frolic in the thick bushes, squirrels perform high wire acts in the tree right outside the windows.  We’ve even had a stray cat reach its little paws up and peer in the window.  Needless to say, Jellybean did not tolerate that very well and looked at it more as of an invasion than nature at play.  I have many pictures of Jellybean lounging here or sitting at attention, depending on the activity outside our windows.

I also included pictures of my big farm table, where my entire family can be seated together for meal time, my late husband’s barber chair – a cherished piece of furniture – which found its’ home in a corner spot of the sunroom, and pictures of baby Jay and Jellybean as they went from getting to know each other to becoming best buds.  I often refer to them as Peanut Butter and Jelly, as you don’t see one without the other.  I also included a picture of the infamous Jellybean’s closet, which now houses Jellybean’s ridiculous collection of coats, sweaters, jackets, hoodies, snowsuits, pajamas, etc.  I’ll bet Del could not have imagined that the closet system she had installed for organizational purposes would be so perfect for my spoiled little puppy.  I’m sure Del will get a chuckle out of the pictures of Jellybean frolicking in the yard as the snow gently falls.  The pictures of her snow-covered face are absolutely adorable and speak to the high level of comfort and complete abandon she feels when playing here.

So, when Del inquires if Jellybean and I still like living in her house, I respond with a profound YES!!  YES!!  YES!!  We love everything about it.  Most of all we love that the house came already filled with love.  Del left some of that behind for us.  I am forever grateful for the opportunity to make a home for Jellybean and me in a home that permeates the love bestowed upon it by its’ former owner.

Beverly Stiffler Smith

Children’s Author

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Jellybean’s New Closet


You all know by now that Jellybean is one very lucky and spoiled little puppy.  You also know that her mama is a bit over the top when it comes to ensuring that she has everything she “needs.”  I wrote about Jellybean’s closet in a previous blog, in which I introduced you to her many outfits and accoutrements.   I’ve also written about the items this little diva “requires” when we travel, right down to her little doggy pajamas.  Today, I am excited to tell you about Jellybean’s new and improved closet.  This is a closet that will be the envy of every well-dressed pup.

In June, I purchased a beautiful, spacious condo.  We both love it!  I have lots of room for my “stuff” and Jellybean has room to run, chase her tail, hide her treats and all the things that rambunctious little puppies do.  I am so fortunate that the lovely lady who previously owned the condo was particular about her living space and made sure there was ample storage throughout.  Call me one lucky lady in that every closet in the house is custom, each with compartments for hanging clothes and organizing shoes and various accoutrements.

This brings us to the hall closet, heretofore known as Jellybean’s closet.  What a beauty it is!  It is the perfect space for storing and organizing her amazing wardrobe.  There is a compartment for her sweaters, a compartment for winter jackets, one for fleece doggy jackets made with love by her “Grandma” and also a compartment for T-shirts (holiday and event related).  We are not done yet!  There is also a combination compartment for her pajamas, holiday wear, hoodies and raincoats.  The organization doesn’t stop at her wardrobe.  There is storage for her lunch boxes, because every well-dressed puppy carries her own lunch box into doggy daycare, right?  Well….this well-dressed puppy proudly prances in the door to daycare, lunchbox clenched tightly between her pearly white teeth with her tail held high.  She actually has the choice of several.  I leave it up to her.   Treats, dog food, and bowls have a special place.  Grooming necessities, such as brushes, rubber bands, hair bows, washcloths, doggie toothbrush and toothpaste, towels and puppy shampoo are readily available.  Leashes and collars are neatly stored on hangers.  There is even a special spot for the book bag we use when participating in therapy dog visits with our KPets group.

Over the top?  Perhaps, but when I signed on to be Jellybean’s mama, I promised that I would love her and care for her.  If that means I get to spoil her too, I’m all over it.  What’s that you say?  A box from Amazon Prime was just left at the door?  What could it be?  Yippee!!  Her colorful tutu has arrived! Shhhhhh… Jellybean is going to be a clown for Halloween this year.  I can’t wait to see how this year’s costume comes together.  But for now, this rainbow-colored tutu is going….you guessed it….in Jellybean’s closet!

Beverly Stiffler Smith

Children’s Author

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