Dem Bones Dem Bones Dem Dog Bones

What dog doesn’t love a bone?  A good bone can provide hours of entertainment.  It can also provide great exercise for the jaw bone and helps to keep gums and teeth clean and healthy.  Jellybean is obsessed with her bones.  Oh my, she has quite the collection;  run of the  mill bones purchased from the pet store, usually stuffed with a peanut butter concoction, antlers of varying shapes and sizes, which I consider bones, since they serve the same purpose,  and the bone of all bones.  This is no ordinary bone.  It is a knuckle bone and is as big as Jellybean’s head and must be equivalent to one fifth of her body weight.  Yet, she carries it with her everywhere.  Like Under Dog, ready to jump into action and save the day, she leaps from floor to sofa, sofa to floor effortlessly, while holding her prized possession.  She runs up and down the steps, jaws clenched tightly around it, tail and head held high as she carries it from place to place.  She plays with it, gnaws on it, talks to it, and spends ever so much time hiding it.

There is nothing quite as unnerving as the sound of a 3 pound bone bouncing its’ way down the steps with a THUMP!  BUMP!  THUD!  WHUMP!  Although the sound of Jellybean batting her beloved bone across the wooden floor with a TUMBLE!  JUMBLE!  SLIP!  SLIDE! can quickly bring you out of a quiet reverie.  But wait; there is nothing so unnerving as the CLUNK, CRASH, and CLATTER of the bone being dropped into the soaker tub.  Mind you there is no water to soften the sound.  This is especially effective when a nap had been in process.  As this unsuspecting dog mom hits her big toe on the giant hunk of calcium that is oh so carefully hidden under the corner of the king sized bed quilt, I let out a yell “Danielle Jellybean Stiffler Smith!  If I step on that bone one more time!  HOLY MOTHER OF HOUNDS that hurt!”  Only to be met with a wagging tail and those big, black, soulful eyes looking up at me as if to say, “What, you found my bone?  Thanks so much.  I lost track of it!”

“Alright, here you go Jellybean, my precious little peanut.  Here’s your bone.”  And off she goes, head and tail held high, her precious bone clenched tightly between her sparkling white teeth.  And then I hear, TING!  RING!  THWACK! WHOP!   as it ricochets across the kitchen floor, bouncing off all appliances along the way.  Who knew a bone could provide so much entertainment for a rambunctious little puppy?

Beverly Stiffler Smith

Children’s Author

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