Yappy New Year Everyone!

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Hi friends, Jellybean here. It is already the second week of 2020 and on this snowy day I had some time to paws and reflect on my resolutions for this year.  You’re probably wondering what kind of resolutions a cute little pup like myself would make.  First and foremost I need to stop rooting in the bathroom trash and shredding the tissues all over the floor.  Next, I need to take at least three less naps a day and also make sure I get my furry little butt moving more.  I also planned on convincing my Mama to stop buying me all that cute doggy apparel.  My goodness, my closet is overflowing!  Something else I planned to do was stop begging for an after dinner treat before I have eaten my kibble.  There they are, five New Year’s resolutions.  I think I’ll just curl up in my little pink bed and ponder how I am progressing so far.

Whoops!  I didn’t mean to fall asleep.  I was just planning on pondering.  Here is what I have concluded; nine days into a new year and no bones about it, I am failing miserably.  About the rooting and shredding, I’ve done it at least three times in those nine days.  I just can’t help myself.  Those tissues are so soft and easy to shred.  They look so pretty, like little snowflakes scattered all over the floor.  Maybe my Mama should just get a trash basket that has a lid.  There you go!  Out of sight, out of mind!

About those naps!  Well, uh, guilty.  I can’t help myself.  I find a sunny, comfortable spot and the next thing you know I am puffing away.  Although I must admit, I have been moving more….when I’m not napping that is.  My Mama and I have been going outside to play fetch with my hedgehog.  I love it when it bounces up high and I have to jump up to catch it.  That really gets me energized, until we come back inside and I realize I need another nap.

I haven’t been very successful in convincing my Mama that I really don’t need any more outfits.  As a matter of fact, she spent an afternoon trying sweaters and jackets on me and purging those that are a bit snug or are no longer fashionable.  She did mention they would be donated to a local shelter so that other pups can be fashionable as they prepare for their forever homes.  Did I really see her add to the closet two red hoodies, a gray sweater, and a yellow fleece K-Pets jacket that is just for our therapy outings?  Let’s not even mention the skeins of yarn she bought for her friend to crochet several sweaters for me.  Oh my, I sure am a pampered pooch.

Then there’s that begging thing.  I really do try to eat my kibble at meal time.  I always start chowing down with gusto, but then I get a vision of the treats in the jar on the counter.  Just like that, the kibble just loses its appeal.  Wouldn’t you know it, I find myself sitting on my haunches doing that “sit pretty” thing and whining and crying like a baby.  In reality though, my Mama is the one that gives in.  I could sit and whine all day if I need to, but she looks at me and her heart just melts.

There you have it.  The good news is that I still have 357 days left to get myself on track.  Like they say, “Snoot to the grindstone, and paws to the fire.”  But in reality, I think my Mama might be the enabler.

Beverly Stiffler Smith

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