The Naughty Little Puppy Strikes Again!

My first children’s picture book, Naughty Little Puppy, was inspired by my precocious little puppy’s tendency to run away with my “stuff.”  Although this book was published four years ago when Jellybean was a two-year old pup, my four-legged little bandit continues to lay claim to things that do not belong to her.  Now mind you, this dog has more toys than the average fur baby.  She has an entire basket of balls which encompass all sizes and textures, and even some that allow for the addition of treats.  She also has two large Longaberger laundry baskets piled high with dog toys that would make any canine chomp at the chance to play with just one of them.  Like the child who would rather play with the box than the new toy, Jellybean is always on the lookout for items that apparently bring a whole new level of excitement to her play. 

This week she discovered the dryer balls; felt-like balls that bounce around in the dryer and promote more efficient drying of clothing.  She is always in close proximity when I do my laundry.  She watches as I fold my jeans, t-shirts, towels, etc., waiting for the dryer sheet to fall free so she can roll all over it. We call this “freshening up.”  I try to keep a pretty close watch on the dryer balls, however, as I am thinking the material they are made of is not particularly pet friendly.  The king-sized deep pockets sheets I was folding were getting the best of me and before I knew what was happening, she lunged across the bed and latched on to one of the balls that dislodged itself from the pocket of the sheet as I worked to fold it. 

The next few minutes went something like this:

“Jellybean, I need you to drop that ball.  It does not belong to you.”

“Did you hear what I said Jellybean?  Drop that ball!”

“Jellybean, drop it!”

“Danielle Jellybean Stiffler Smith!  You better drop that dang dryer ball!”

“Are you laughing at me?”

“How did you get to be such a naughty little puppy!”

“Ep, ep!” (Somewhere along the line I read that dogs understand this command and will look at you and wait for direction.  Hah!)

“Come back here!  Don’t you take that ball and run away with it.”

And so it went for the next five minutes as I chased her down the hall, around the living room, through the dining room and finally back to the bedroom where the whole debacle began.  It ended as quickly as it had begun, because as predicted, the fuzzy material made its way into her throat and caused a tickle and cough.  When she dropped the ball I quickly reclaimed it.  After a short lecture about running away with my “stuff” I suggested she go get a drink at her fountain so she could wash the fuzzy away.  With her big, black eyes now all watery from the coughing spell, she looked at me and I’m positive she gave a little nod of her head before jumping off the bed and making her way down the hall to her water fountain. 

Oh my, Jellybean, whatever am I going to do with you?  I guess I’m just going to have to love you even more!  As I often tell the children I meet through author visits and book events, unconditional love is simply the best!   

Jellybean’s Closet

Naughty Little Puppy

The Perfect Hiding Place

Sloppy Kisses

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It’s A Paw-ty!


What do you do when your fur baby turns five?  Well… you throw a paw-ty, a dog paw-ty!  Oh – you also donate some hand-sewn fleece crate mats to a local shelter in your puppy’s name.  At least that’s what this over the top pet momma has planned.  Jellybean woke up this morning to a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday.  After our morning walk, she had a blast ripping paper and opening boxes to discover what doggy toys, treats, and apparel awaited her.  Then we slipped into our usual morning grooming routine of brushing teeth, washing the area around her eyes, applying allergy eye drops, brushing her fur, and adding a colorful hair bow.  This morning, however, there was a special birthday shirt waiting for her.  For her birthday this year, she is wearing a Minnie Mouse t-shirt embellished with tulle pompoms along the bottom edge.  Spiffy!  There is more fun to come, however, as I have invited several of her little friends over for an evening of romping, rolling and running around the house.  It should be a dog gone fun time!


And a fun time it was!  Just as I imagined, there were four dogs romping, rolling and running around the house.  The party consisted of Jellybean and her furry friends Josie, Kramer, and Oakley along with their respective pet parents.  They surprised Jellybean in that they came bearing gifts for the birthday girl; new squeaky toys and some scrumptious treats. The first few minutes of course were a bit crazy, but these four fast friends quickly settled down and began playing, checking out toys, exploring the house and checking in with us at the dinner table. It was a fun night, which we ended with a quick photo session.  The ladies tried unsuccessfully to round up all four pups into a central location so that we could snap a few pictures.  We finally decided that if you can’t beat them, you might as well join them.  That being said, each of us grabbed our own little fur ball for a fun photo session.  As we speak, Jellybean is one paw-tied out puppy.  She is sound asleep on the living room floor, no doubt dreaming of romping with her friends and munching on some delicious treats!


Happy Birthday my sweet little Jellybean!  Momma loves you!

Beverly Stiffler Smith

Children’s Author

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My Wild Child


Another rainy Saturday, but Jellybean had a fun-filled day despite the dreary weather.  She had an appointment with Miss Angie, the groomer, in the morning.  She absolutely loves her!  Then, in the early afternoon, we had a basketball game at a local college with many of her therapy dog friends.  Since she missed at least four of her naps due to her busy schedule, she came home and slept the rest of the afternoon away.

Around dinner time, the skies began to clear and a gentle wind began to blow.  Soon it was inviting enough to take more than a quick potty break out the front door.  We decided to take a walk around the block.  Jellybean dutifully did her thing and we continued on with our walk.  Suddenly, Jellybean stopped in her tracks.  Her tail began to wag.  I looked to see what had caught her attention.  It was her new friend, Kramer!  Both dogs were excited to see each other, so they greeted and sniffed and wagged and sniffed some more.  It was at that point that Kramer’s mom suggested we stop in so Kramer and Jellybean could have a little puppy playtime.  I was concerned that Jellybean’s feet might be wet and didn’t want her dirtying anyone’s carpet.  Kramer’s mom assured me it would all be just fine, so we agreed to stop in for a little bit.  Once inside, we both removed the leashes from our respective puppies.

Jellybean wasted no time!  She took off and headed straight for the bone that Kramer had lovingly placed in the dining room, unaware that it soon would be confiscated by her new friend.  Jellybean picked up the bone, turned and headed up the steps.  Now mind you, this is the first time we have been in this house.  I was mortified! “Jellybean,” I yelled, “Get down here!”  Nothing.  “Jellybean, get down here!”  We all turned as Jellybean came charging down the steps into the dining room.  I should mention the bone was nowhere in sight.  She began racing around the dining room table.  Soon, Kramer joined her and they began playfully chasing each other around the house.  As they played, we sat in the living room and chatted.  Suddenly, Jellybean turned toward me, looked at the couch and suddenly raced toward it.  She jumped on the couch, ran from end to end, then without warning jumped onto the coffee table and slid off the other side.  She then jumped back up on the couch, onto the coffee table and off the other side before stopping to catch her breath.  It was at this time I was thinking, “This is the last time we are ever going to get invited here!”  I reached down while the getting was good and clicked her leash in place.  I was embarrassed beyond belief that my puppy would behave this way in someone else’s home.  Barb, on the other hand, thought Jellybean was a hoot!  Thank goodness she is a true dog person and found the humor in Jellybean’s burst of energy and over the top behaviors.  Hopefully Kramer was able to recover his bone and relax with his mom the rest of the evening.  I’m thinking that next time, perhaps Jellybean and I should host the puppy playtime!

Beverly Stiffler Smith

Children’s Author

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