Thanksgiving Blessings


It looks like Jellybean is ready for Thanksgiving Dinner!!  The way this puppy loves food I am not surprised she is the first one to the table.  Should I tell her we still have three hours until the turkey is done?  I’m predicting my little “Pouty Patty” will be showing her true colors very soon.  Boy, can she turn on a pout!

All joking aside, Jellybean and I are blessed to have such a good life.  We have family and friends that love us and a beautiful home filled with all the comforts anyone could ask for.  Through our work as a therapy team we have opportunities to get out and meet people and share the joy that comes from Jellybean’s endless supply of sloppy kisses.  Let’s not forget our new book, Jellybean’s Closet, that will be out in a few weeks.  I still have to pinch myself to think this will be my fourth children’s picture book.  Dream’s really do come true!

Jellybean and I are sending out wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving filled with love, good food, fellowship and laughter.  Oh…Jellybean just corrected me.  She said to have a “Yappy Thanksgiving!”

Beverly Stiffler Smith

Children’s Author

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