A Time To Be Thankful

Jellybean - thanksgiving

Reflecting on this year’s Thanksgiving, I appreciate just how blessed I am.  I was so excited to have my family join Jellybean and me for Thanksgiving Day in my new house.  It was the first time I have hosted that everyone has been able to sit at the same table, thanks to a condo with an open concept design and my new honkin’ big farm house table.  It was awesome to see phones put away for a little while and everyone truly enjoying each other’s company.  It was made even more special by my brother’s recent return to the family fold and my mother’s amazing recovery from a heart attack.  Throughout the meal and football games, there was easy conversation among family, catching up with the grandchildren, the annual sharing of Christmas lists over cups of steaming hot tea after the table was cleared and dishes safely in the dishwasher, the naps – oh, was I the only one who took a nap?  No, if I recall, Jellybean was right there beside me.  As a matter of fact, I found her curled up on the guest room bed and I actually joined her.   My Granddaughter wowed us with her new reading skills, as only a first grader can.  Jellybean, always one to accommodate, allowed my Granddaughter to pull her around in her little pink wagon.  As they went round and round the living room, Jellybean made eye contact with everyone, as if to say “Look at me!  Look at me!”  My Grandson shared his interest in all things engineering and technology related.  How can he know so much at only eleven years?  My puppy, of course begged her way through the Thanksgiving meal, the afternoon snacking, and then the “second round” when the sandwiches, munchies, and desserts came out.  More family stopped in at that point. Too soon, evening arrived and everyone stuffed to the gills and filled with appreciation for family and fellowship gave out hugs and made their way home.  Except for my sister and brother-in-law, that is, who had promised they would stay the night so we could recreate our evenings together when Jellybean and I were guests in their home for a bit.  What a nice way to wind down after a week of preparation for this special day; cups of hot tea, a few more little snacks, belly rubs for Jellybean and quiet conversation of how truly blessed we are.


Beverly Stiffler Smith

Children’s Author

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