It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a flying squirrel! No…It’s Jellybean?

IMG_3259 (2)

So….. she thought she could fool me.  She thought by modifying the deck I could be out there lollygagging around with no way out.  No more slipping through the railings.  Well, I fooled her, didn’t I?

Perhaps I should explain…..  Last week it was a beautiful day and we were out on the deck with our little buddy, Jay.  It was a cars and trucks kind of day.  Everywhere I looked there were trucks; big trucks, little trucks, red trucks, blue trucks.  There were cars galore.  There were so many cars I had to watch that I didn’t step on them with my dainty little paws.  Apparently you are supposed to put rocks in the trucks because Jay pointed to some on the other side of the deck and wanted them for his big dump truck.  Out they went to do some rock gathering, only they left me behind!  I couldn’t believe it!  I’m always right by my Mama’s side.  I mean I know they were only on the other side of the fence, but come on.  What’s a puppy to do?  I had to try to help them find some rocks for Jay.

First I tried sticking my head through the squares, but my Mama asked me to put it back inside.  I tried it at a few different spots, but she said that was enough. Then, I started to throw a fit – you know, whining and crying and stuff, but they just kept picking up rocks.  Then I got a great idea!  I jumped up on the Adirondack chair, up on the table, and took a great big leap!  Just as I was flying through the air, my Mama turned and can you believe it?  I landed right in her arms!  I love you Mama!  Thanks for catching me!

I couldn’t tell if my Mama was happy or upset at first.  Maybe she was just surprised.  Eventually we all had a good laugh about it and went back to playing with the cars and rock-filled trucks on the deck.  I did notice though, that later that day, my Mama got busy moving things around.  Now the tables and chairs are on the inside part of the deck.  Hmmm….Time to start working on plan B!

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One Lucky Lady


What an exciting time!  Back in July, I blogged about my latest children’s picture book endeavor as I prepared for the initial meeting with my illustrator in which we were to discuss my vision for the story.  A week ago I met again with the wonderfully talented Shana Morrow for a sneak peek at the sketches for the book, appropriately titled Jellybean’s Closet.  This simple little story finds Jellybean sitting by her closet every morning with a big decision to make.  “What to wear, what to wear!”  Being an avid weather watcher, Jellybean makes good use of the window in the front door to determine a suitable outfit for the day.  Days of the week, weather and appropriate clothing choices make this a great concept book for young children.  The repetitive pattern promotes immediate engagement in the story.  (Hmmm, perhaps I learned a little something along the way as a kindergarten teacher for twenty years!)  As Shana pulled sketch after sketch out of her folder and shared her thoughts on perspective and placement of items on the page, I could hardly contain myself.  Actually, if you know me, I do most of my dancing on the inside, and let me tell you there was some jitterbug, a little tap, and perhaps a tad of cha-cha going on! I am humbled by Shana’s talent and the way in which she is able to make my vision come to life.  Over the next two months Shana will work her magic with her watercolor pencils to make each illustration jump off the page.  Oh, what a lucky lady I am to have this opportunity to share my stories inspired by the little pup that I love so much.  I am looking forward to a late fall release of Jellybean’s Closet.  I can’t wait to share it with you!

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Fun in the Sun


IMG_3643 (2)

This past weekend our therapy dog group came together for an afternoon of fun in the sun and fellowship, both the two and four-legged kind.  Hot and sunny weather prevailed, which made it the perfect day for an August picnic and pool party.  The spread of homemade food was amazing; barbeque, baked beans, pastas, salads, cheeses, and oh so many desserts!  I’m not surprised that much of the conversation centered on dogs.  This is quite the dog-loving group, as all are active therapy teams and some train service dogs, participate in competitive dock diving, and the like.  With plates piled high, conversation quieted a bit as the group enjoyed the dishes prepared by the team members. The dogs, quite the menagerie, reminded me of a Dr. Seuss story.  There were big dogs and little dogs, white dogs and black dogs, long-haired dogs and short-haired dogs, rambunctious dogs and shy dogs.  Well, you get the picture.  As the picnic began in earnest, the dogs settled down by their owners and waited for their next direction.  Except for one dog, one little white dog with black spots, big black soulful eyes, and a little blue bow behind her ear.  This dog was in full begging mode, sitting on her haunches pawing the air frantically, all the while whining and crying.  How is it that you can have fifteen dogs in the same area and only one seems to notice that there is food all around her.  Yep, you guessed it, it was my little Jellybean.  Those eyes were following every move of my fork as it made its way to my mouth.  She immediately recognized when I put down my fork and picked up a small square of cheese.  She went bonkers, begging and crying, jumping up with her paws on my leg, stretching as far as she could to get a better sniff and a better look at the tasty nugget.  Now, I’m rather used to this, as it has pretty much become our daily routine.  I eat, she begs, and of course I give in because what Jellybean wants, Jellybean gets….especially when it comes to cheese.  A friend once told me, “A day without cheese is like a hug without a squeeze.”  That has always been my mantra, and Jellybean was quick to make it hers as well.  And so, the eating part of the afternoon ended.  We cleaned up a bit, then, everyone headed outside to the large, sparkling pool.

What a sight it was.  Dogs everywhere!  Some were already in the pool with their fur mom or dad, some were running around chasing each other on the pool deck, several were standing on the edge of the pool seemingly investigating the water.  Jellybean wasn’t sure what to make of it.  The closest she has come to being in a pool is climbing right into the drinking bucket at her doggie day care when she needed a drink, or of course the bathtub when it was time for a good scrub.  I am not much of a water person, so I didn’t even bring my bathing suit.  Naturally, though, I wanted to make sure that Jellybean had the opportunity to experience the water if she wanted.  Did I mention that she entered the day’s festivities wearing her ruffled bathing suit top, with a matching bow of course.  I must say it did initiate quite a few chuckles as she pranced around the group greeting her furry friends.  After checking out the perimeter of the big yard, Jellybean sauntered over to the edge of the pool.  I took this as a sign that she was indeed interested in taking a swim, if in fact she could swim.  I handed her to another team member, who just happened to be the owner of the pool, and fur mom to a very large Newfoundland and a Swiss Mountain/Saint Bernard mix.   Jellybean relaxed and let the water soak her fur, the pink ruffle on her bathing suit bobbing with the waves created by other dogs jumping in the pool and splashing past her as they made their way back to the deck.  And then she did it!  She started paddling her little legs as confidently as any Olympic swimmer.  Move over Katie Ledeckye, here comes Jellybean!  After her fun in the pool, Jellybean was content to relax with her towel and watch the other dogs cavort and splash in the cool water.  What a fun afternoon spent with great people and their pampered pooches!

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The Dog That Has Everything…but wants only ONE thing!


This weekend I started a project from my home improvement to do list.  My wrist has hopefully healed well enough from the last go round of wall paper removal.  This would be the one that sent me for several visits to OSS, a cortisone shot and a five-week stint in a wrist brace.  This time I invested in a power steamer.  What an amazing little piece of equipment!  It is so much better than trying to hack off bits of professionally hung wallpaper that was intended to stay put until the end of time.

Knowing that Jellybean can be a bit needy, I prepared ahead of time for my work day.  I pulled a few of Jellybean’s favorite toys from her ridiculously large, overflowing basket so they would be readily available to her.  Then I prepared a bone by coating the inside with peanut butter, a particular favorite of hers, and to top it off even stuffed a few little treats inside.  I made sure her water fountain was running at full speed and placed her favorite blanket as close to my work space as possible.  I made sure that Jellybean and I took a long, rambling walk in the morning – just the way she likes it.  We came back for some extra snuggle time and played with her favorite little hedgehog.  Finally, everything was set and I was ready to begin my project.  But wait!  It takes about 15 minutes for the steam to start pouring out of the plate, so that gave us a few extra minutes to play.  Being the over the top dog momma that I am, I even explained to Jellybean what was going to be happening for the next few hours.

By the time I had positioned myself on the ladder and placed the steamer plate on the wall, Jellybean had finished her peanut butter bone.  Not even ten minutes into the project the whining had begun.   “Jellybean, get your toy!  Get your Hedgehog!  Oh look, there’s Mr. Pizza.  Come on Jellybean, you have so many choices!”  I suddenly feel like I am back in my Kindergarten class asking a student, “Would you like the kangaroo counters or would you like the Digi blocks for your math activity today?” I return to my work only to hear more whining, becoming more intense and more pitiful with each well-timed puppy breath.  Oh, and the eyes, those big, black soulful eyes now genuine puppy dog eyes staring me down.  “Jellybean, really?  I spent the entire morning with you.  Now it’s my turn to get some things done around here.  I can’t be with you every second of the day.”  I continued to steam and scrape.  The whining continued only now it was coming from under my ladder.  “No, Jellybean, you can’t be over here.  All this wallpaper will stick to your feet and fur.  Jellybean, I said no.  Oh, my Jellybean, you’re killing me here.”  And so the afternoon went with Jellybean whining and me pleading with her to make good choices, until finally I turned to her and said, “That’s it, Jellybean, you’re going to Grandma’s.  You want attention?  You’ll get so much attention you won’t know what to do with it.  Now, get your ball cap on and let’s get going.”  Oh my, I think I’ve created a monster, a furry, loveable four-legged little monster!

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Walking the Bean

IMG_1100 (2)

I am a people watcher, especially of those with dogs.  I am thoroughly in awe of those who have complete control of their four-legged friends when walking through the neighborhood.  When out for a drive or walking Jellybean, I take note and ultimately mutter to myself, “Now why can’t we do that?”  “It can’t be that hard!”  “That dog didn’t even seem to see the squirrel dangling from the tree limb, chattering and waving its bushy tail, seemingly mocking the dog’s inability to climb the tree and chase it.”  My mutterings, however, are really my own admission of failure as a dog parent.  In other words, my little nineteen pound dog controls the reins, or in this case, the leash, as we take our daily walks through the neighborhood.  Now don’t get me wrong, when we are out on visits with our therapy dog group or doing school visits, Jellybean’s manners are impeccable.  Naturally I am on high alert during those times, so it would follow that Jellybean would be as well.  So….there it is, I suppose I have established a double standard with her.  She is one smart cookie and has learned how to work the situation to her advantage.

In case you are having difficulty visualizing our walking routine, here is a detailed description of a typical walk.

Leash on.

Tail wagging.

Run for a toy. (Mr. Pizza it is!)

Out the door we go.

Stop on the step and sniff.

Sniff to the left and sniff to the right.  Rabbits?  Squirrels?  Deer?  Slugs? (“No slugs, Jellybean, remember, they stick to your mouth.”)

Drop Mr. Pizza

Out the sidewalk.

Look to the left, look to the right.

To the right it is.

Take care of some business.

Three steps and sniff.  Don’t forget to leave your calling card, so the next pup knows you’ve already been here.

Four steps.  Stop and point.  (Yes, my little Shichon points!)  “It’s just a squirrel, Jellybean.  Let it be.”

Two steps and sniff.

Leave another calling card.

Freeze.  Rabbits ahead!

Oh, yum, rabbit delights!  (I have written about these wonderful tidbits of Vitamin D in a previous blog.)

Four steps and plop.  “Really, Jellybean?  We didn’t even walk that far.  I can still see the house.”

“Stop that!  What are you rolling in?”

Ten steps and squirrel!  Literally, another squirrel.

“Oh look, Jellybean, here comes Josie, oh and Kramer and Oakley too!  Oh wait, there’s Haley and DJ! Oh my goodness, is that Lola and Rasha coming down the street?  I wonder if Lucy is coming out?”

Sniff and wag.  It’s a dog pawty!

Pawty is over and we are off and running, well, maybe more like dawdling.

It’s time to take care of some more business.

Oh great, bird droppings.  “Really, Jellybean?”

Bird droppings are long forgotten as now there is a stick straight ahead.

Off we go!  “Yes, Jellybean, you can take the stick home with you.  We can add it to your collection.”

And so it goes.  Somehow, even with all the stops, distractions, and greetings, we manage to take a walk of about 2000 steps to start our morning.

Back in the driveway, she spots Mr. Pizza right where she dropped him on the brick path.  Once again I am holding on for dear life as she makes a sprint for her current toy of choice.   Oh, but now we have a predicament.  What to do, what to do, the stick or Mr. Pizza?  At this point I take charge (finally).  “Ok Jellybean, how about if I take the stick and put it in the crock and you take care of Mr. Pizza?”  This amazing little pup, that I swear understands English, looks at me with those big, bright eyes.  She ponders her choices for a moment, drops the stick and pounces on Mr. Pizza.

I’m sure you would agree that I won’t be winning any awards for walking my dog anytime soon.  But, because she does so well when we are out and about I let it go.  Does it really matter?  Yes, we get some looks once in a while as we go down the hill toward the park full speed chasing after a rabbit, with me doing my best to hang on.  Does she take care of business while we are out?  Yes she does!  Does she get fresh air and exercise every day?  Yes she does!  Does she get to socialize with her furry friends?  Yes she does!  Is there a bowl of cool, fresh water waiting for her when we arrive at home?  Yes it is!  Well alrighty then!

Beverly Stiffler Smith

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Jellybean’s Closet – The Book


Jellybean and I have been enjoying the success of the three children’s picture books I have written since retiring from the public school system.  These books star none other than Jellybean, my own diva dog extraordinaire.  The trilogy highlights Jellybean’s playful and rambunctious personality through simple story lines suitable for the young crowd.  Thirty five years working with children, ages three to six, made it a rather predictable genre for me to choose.  Having a puppy with such a big personality made for some great story lines.   I guess you could say it was a match made in heaven.  Naughty Little Puppy, The Perfect Hiding Place, and Sloppy Kisses are simple, predictable and easy to read books that portray positive messages such as unconditional love, problem solving, and perseverance.

I thought the trilogy was it.  Three is a nice number.  The books bring opportunities for some Amazon sales and many author visits to local schools, libraries and community events.  Sharing my stories and seeing children react with laughter at Jellybean’s antics or by recognizing repetitive patterns in the stories that encourage audience participation, brings more joy than you can imagine.  Having the real life character right in the classroom as the stories are being read is a big deal to young children who are just beginning to understand the concepts of print, characters in the story, parts of a book, and the role that the author and illustrator play in creating the book.  I have truly been blessed to have this opportunity.  Like I said, I was happy with three stories, until one day I was standing in front of Jellybean’s closet and thought, “Oh, this is a story just waiting to happen.”

You’ve heard about Jellybean’s closet in previous blogs.  I should be embarrassed at the amount of doggy apparel that Jellybean’s perfectly organized closet is able to hold.  But I’m not.  I’m happy she is such a good sport when it comes to showcasing the latest canine fashion trends and that I am able to keep her in such adorable doggy attire.  You have to admit she wears it well, right down to the fashionable swimsuit she is modeling in the photo at the top of the blog.  This photo was snapped when Jellybean was taking a break from water play on the deck with her best bud.  I am fortunate that my very talented illustrator is on board as well.  As a matter of fact, I just finished texting lots of pics to her of Jellybean’s infamous closet and the outfits that will be highlighted in the new book appropriately titled, Jellybean’s Closet.  It is such an exciting time!  Over the next months, I will be anxiously awaiting to see Shana’s sketches  as she expertly uses her watercolor pencils to make her drawings come to life!  Children can expect to see Jellybean wearing outfits that are a perfect match for the weather during a week in the life of my precocious little pup.  Goodbye Jellybean’s trilogy! See you soon Jellybean’s quadrilogy, tetralogy, or would it be quartet?  Book number four, here we come!


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It’s Tongue Out Tuesday!

Tongue out Tuesday - 5

Have you noticed all the pictures of dogs with their tongues hanging out that are plastered all over Facebook often under the caption Tongue Out Tuesday?  There certainly are some cute ones out there.   There was one in particular that made me pause for a second and ask myself, “Just why do dogs stick their tongues out?”  I know Jellybean does it quite often.  Of course I’ve caught several adorable pictures just at the right moment with my ever ready Smart Phone.  I was curious enough to do a little research and here is what I found. There are actually some very good reasons for this canine phenomenon;

  • A dog with its tongue hanging out could simply mean that the pup is enjoying total relaxation.  Just let the good times roll!
  • Dogs also use the tongue as a way to cool down. They do not sweat like their two-legged counterparts.  Instead, they pant, which in turn allows moisture to evaporate off the tongue as it hangs out.  The actual term for this is “thermoregulation.”  Now there’s a word of the day for you!
  • A tongue hanging out could also mean you are in for some good old fashioned slobbery dog kisses. Yay!  Who doesn’t love them?
  • A dog that has its tongue out excessively, or for no apparent reason, could actually have a medical problem that requires a visit to the vet. An example of this would be that your dog is taking a new medication and you notice that its tongue is out even when afore mentioned reasons do not apply.  This could signal an allergy to the medication.
  • There is also a condition known as “hanging tongue syndrome” in which the tongue hangs out of the mouth at all times. In this case, the dog has the inability to pull it back in, as there is a lack of muscle control.  What a challenge this must be for the pup, as it could potentially impact eating and drinking.

Of course I would be remiss for writing a blog without including pictures of my silly little Jellybean participating in Tongue Out Tuesday.  Here are a few of my favorites, although I am not sure they all fit into what would be considered the “norm” as discussed above.  Well, Jellybean has always marched to the tune of her own dog bone, if you know what I mean.  Enjoy!

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Stop, Drop, and …..Stop!


Have you ever been walking your dog, trotting along at a good pace, and all of a sudden your pup just stops and does a full body plant in the middle of the street or on the edge of someone’s yard?  This is a regular occurrence for us.  Jellybean and I take six to eight walks in a day.  Don’t worry, though, they are not excessive.  A normal walk consists of fifteen to twenty minutes for my short-legged furry friend, depending on time and weather.  I can count on Jellybean becoming one with the ground at least twice during any of those walks. It happens to me more often that I would like to admit and immediately my impassioned pleading begins.

“Come Jellybean.”  (Nothing)

“Let’s go, Jellybean.”  (Nada)

“Come, my sweet little puppy.”  (No eye contact)

“Let’s go Jellybean, time is a-wasting.”  (Disinterested glance)

“Hidy ho my friend, let’s go!”  (Flat to the ground)

“Well alrighty then.”  (A crooked dog smile)

I find this behavior very puzzling and I must admit, a bit embarrassing.  Obviously, I am not the one in charge here.  It’s all about Jellybean.  I won’t even begin to argue that one.  As a result, I have done a bit of research on this very topic. As it turns out, Jellybean is not the only pup with a penchant to end her walk on her own terms.  There are quite a few articles and blogs out there that address this very phenomenon.  There could actually be some valid science behind the “mid-walk flop,” a phrase coined by Allison Gray on a website titled  After reading several articles and blogs, here are just some of the possible reasons for this behavior:  injury, illness, tiredness, laziness, stubbornness, and weather-related issues.

Hmm….interesting stuff.  I must admit, however, I am well-aware that Jellybean’s short snout does not tolerate breathing in extremely hot air, nor do I allow her to walk on scorching hot or freezing roads and sidewalks – they’ve got lawns and doggy boots for those situations!  I groom her thoroughly every day, so I am quite cognizant of any injury.  Even with having a good awareness of Jellybean’s overall health, the information I gleaned through these readings resonated enough that I certainly will pay more attention and not just assume she is playing the part of Diva Dog.

I also came across a great strategy to end simple stubbornness when walking.  Two leashes; the normal six or four foot length, and an additional leash or cord about twenty feet long are the only things needed.  Attach both to the collar.  Walk as usual, but when the stop, drop, and stop occurs, simply keep walking.  The twenty foot leash allows you to move ahead quite a bit.  It seems many pups do not like this, as suddenly their need for attention is not being fed.  I like that!  No more pleading and begging her to move.  I think I might try this!

Through all my readings, however, I have not found a solution for Jellybean planting her furry little body at the end of every driveway in the neighborhood that has an open garage door.  In these instances, I often text my friend and quip “I can’t get my turtle to move.”  As kindergarten teachers, we often read a story of the same name by Elizabeth Lee O’Donnell to our students.  It is the perfect descriptor of Jellybean’s statuesque position near the curb. In this dog-friendly community, it appears that an open garage door often results in the owner walking down the driveway with a small treat for the waiting dog.  Oh, Jellybean, my little sweet pea, didn’t the Vet just tell us again last week you are a bit chubby, not yet obese, but a bit chubby?  My, oh, my, what is this manipulated doggy mama to do?


Beverly Stiffler Smith

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Best Buds


Isn’t it an amazing thing to watch a friendship grow?  I’ve had the distinct pleasure of watching just that between my puppy, Jellybean, and Jay, the little boy I am blessed to care for three days a week.  From an eight month old, just beginning to explore the world around him in August, to an energetic toddler now one and a half, Jellybean and my little “Jaybird”, as I like to call him, have become inseparable.  If you see one, you will most certainly see the other not far behind.

It began with some curious sniffing on the part of Jellybean and some reciprocal giggling from Jay.  Playtime on the quilt became part of our morning routine, with Jay precariously balancing himself on the colorful quilt or putting in some tummy time, as he explored the toys around him.  Jellybean positioned herself just out of reach from the kicking feet and occasional flying block or noise-making toy.

As the months passed, and Jay started to become more mobile, he was able to explore not only his basket of toys, but Jellybean’s magnificent collection of dog toys as well.  It literally looked like a toddler tornado went through the room when Jay was finished emptying every basket in that part of the living room.  This activity was to Jellybean’s utter delight!  Admittedly, Jellybean does have a plethora of balls, stuffed animals, squeaky toys, bones, etc.  In his excitement to empty the baskets and experiment with the different sounds of squeakiness, Jay apparently uncovered toys that had been long lost to Jellybean.  Suddenly from her comfy spot along the perimeter of the basket purging area, Jellybean would jump up, tail wagging and run to pick up a toy.  Chaos ensued as she excitedly got reacquainted with her newly found prize, only to be distracted by another toy that had been uncovered from the depths of her toy basket.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching the excitement of toddler and puppy as they played off of each other’s discoveries.

Something Jellybean has always done when preparing for a walk, is to run for a toy.  She generally chooses her favorite, Hedgehog, or sometimes “Mr. Pizza”, the stuffed slice of pepperoni pizza with arms, legs and a great big pizza smile given to her as a thank you from a local retirement home.  In most instances, her toy is abandoned at the end of the driveway, only to be reclaimed when the walk has concluded.  My little Jaybird is quite the observant one.  He has noticed that when I say it is time for a walk, Jellybean makes a run for her toy.  He has now joined in the fun.  The other day, I announced it was time to take Jellybean on her potty walk.  As I went for her leash and to grab a potty bag, Jellybean sprinted into the living room to grab a toy and Jay turned around and ran into the living room as well.  Jellybean returned with her hedgehog.  Jay, on the other hand, returned with an Easter rabbit that had been situated on a small chair by the fireplace.  I must admit, it made for a good chuckle and a great photo op, as he insisted the rabbit ride beside him in the stroller.  I mentioned that Jay is quite the observant one.  He knows that I always grab a bag before we leave for our walk, so naturally, being the helpful little guy he is, he likes to grab the bag for me.  This generally results in the whole roll of bags being stretched down the hall.  Although this past week he hit the jackpot with a new roll of bags, which he managed to pull through the hallway, into the kitchen, through the living room and back into hallway.  Jellybean wasn’t quite sure what to do with this one.  She sat and watched as he pulled and shook the collection of bags.  Oh my, have I mentioned how much I enjoy this little guy?

Then there are the hugs!  Jellybean has become quite accustomed to receiving hugs from Jay at various times throughout the morning and afternoon.  Generally they come at quieter times in the day; after story time, preparation for nap, after a diaper change.  How cute it is to see them snuggled up together, Jay being the recipient of Jellybean’s sloppy kisses.  Not everyone is privy to the same bond that Jay and Jellybean have developed.  My grandchildren try and try to get some love from Jellybean, but it takes a lot of work and quite a bit of noisy barking when they first arrive.  I think there are two reasons for this.  Jellybean has never forgotten the first time they came to meet her and sat on the loveseat she had claimed as her own, hence there has always been a bit of a territorial issue, as well as the fact that Jay and Jellybean spend three days a week side by side.  There is simply a different kind of connection between them, but I do know she loves my grandchildren as well.  They just have to work harder for it.

How endearing it has been watching Jay and Jellybean become best buds.  Although we will have a bit of a summer break, Jellybean and I will still spend time with Jay so that our bond is not broken.  Come August, what fun we will have as we begin another school year together and Jay’s motor and verbal skills continue to advance.  I am so excited to see what shenanigans these best buds will get into!

Beverly Stiffler Smith

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A Mother’s Day Letter from Jellybean


If a puppy could write a letter to its’ pet parent, this is what I think my sweet little Jellybean would say to me:

Dear Mama,

I hope you know how much I love you!  I love you with all my big puppy heart, my chubby belly and what do you call them?  Oh, yes, my big, soulful eyes!  I am fur-ever grateful you typed hypoallergenic/non-shedding puppy into that laptop thing of yours and I popped up.  We are a match made in heaven!  I know I fill your heart with joy and love.  I can tell by the way you look at me with such love in your eyes.  You have changed over the years since we found each other.  I have helped to heal your heart.  I know that because you smile more, you laugh more, and you are not afraid to try new things.

I am glad I gave you some ideas for writing children’s books about me.  I am dog-gone proud I helped you realize that dream.  Who would have thought that silly ol’ me running away with your sneaker in our book Naughty Little Puppy would lead to such fun opportunities with me by your side?  I love visiting places where we share our stories.  I can tell how much you love when the children join in the reading or laugh at the silly things I do in the books.   That must be a special thing for a mama that taught kindergarten for so long.  I think it – what do they say?  I think it feeds your teacher soul.  I’m sure my teacher, Miss Mickayla, feels the same way when she reads our story Sloppy Kisses.  Although I am wondering, do you really need to tell everyone that I had to take the Canine Good Citizen class three times?  It’s a little embarrassing.  Well, our neighbor did call me your “wild child” when I was a puppy, didn’t he?

Most of all though, I love snuggling with you and I love that you take such good care of me.  I know I am one pampered pooch and I am pawsitively happy to call you my mama.

Sloppy kisses and lots of love from Jellybean!

Beverly Stiffler Smith

Children’s Author

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