Naughty Little Puppy

Who needs a 130 sheet cross-cut shredder when you have a spunky little puppy that can take care of all your shredding needs?  This white and black model shreds paper of all types; copy paper, newspaper, wrapping paper, tissue paper, tissues (both clean and otherwise), magazines, cardboard, and yes, even the paper label around plastic water bottles.  Leave a tissue behind on the couch?  Leave the newspaper on the chair while you refill your tea?  Walk away from your Ladies Home Journal magazine?  Forget to put your water bottle in the recycling bin?  Never fear, Jellybean the shredder is here!  Moving faster than the community shred truck, Jellybean hones in on the treasure of the moment. Using her front paws to keep the object secure, Jellybean, begins pulling and tearing at her prize.  Pull, tear, spit!  Pull, tear, spit! Pull, tear, spit!  She continues until the object has been obliterated and strewn all over the floor.  Satisfied that her work has been completed to the best of her ability, Jellybean stands proudly amid the mess.

Not only is this rambunctious puppy a shredder, she is also a taker.  She takes things that do not belong to her; shoes, socks, gloves to name a few items.  Her tendency to stake claim on my personal items developed very early in life.  It amused me so much that it actually became the inspiration for my first children’s picture book, titled – are you ready?  Naughty Little Puppy.  It’s not a very original title, but quite a true representation of Jellybean, my precocious, yet lovable, albeit naughty little fur ball.  The repetitive text and short, structured sentences, make it the perfect book for the 3-5 year old crowd.  I should mention that my illustrator, Shana Morrow, did an incredible job of capturing Jellybean’s personality through her artistic rendering of Jellybean.  You can see me for a signed copy or purchase a copy at .


The Search

Jellybean - the search

I’m not exactly sure when I decided I was lonely, but all of a sudden it was all I thought about.  Although I have wonderful family and friends with whom I share my life, after 11 years of widow-hood, there was a glaring emptiness when I came home at the end of the day.  And so the search began.  My evenings were spent on the laptop, searching for puppies.  Not any puppy, however, it had to be hypoallergenic and non-shedding because of my allergies.  I also knew I wanted a small dog, because I wanted to snuggle and I wanted my dog to be the best dressed in the neighborhood.  Small dogs look so darn cute wearing sweaters, hoodies, and puppy pj’s.  As I googled hypoallergenic, non-shedding puppies, I was amazed at the variety of breeds available and waiting to find their forever homes.  And then, one Friday night in early July, I found her; a little Shichon puppy.  Her picture showed a chubby little puppy with fluffy black and white fur.  With black patches around her eyes, she looked like a little panda bear.  I fell in love with her right there.  I made the phone call and two weeks later I brought my little Jellybean to her forever home and life has never been the same.